New NBA Season Brings More Betting Opportunities

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New NBA Season Brings More Betting Opportunities

Posted By Andre Abrede

The new NBA season is finally here. Fans have been waiting for the start of this season as every team has aspirations of making the playoffs and competing for a title.  Last year’s woes have been forgiven and forgotten.

The Las Vegas Westgate super book has produced a list of all teams and the favorites of winning the NBA Finals in 2016-17. For gamblers who will like to make big wins, predictions are already out on what the most likely outcomes will be.

Make sure before you place any of your bets that you do a lot of reading to make sure you know all the angles.  Don’t leave any stone unturned if you want to win a few games this season.  And that is especially the case with win totals.  If you are not familiar with how the win totals work, there is information to guide you as you start the new challenge. Unlike the other types of bets, the win total is paid at the end of the season. So get ready to cheer for your team and win yourself some good amount throughout the coming season.

What you must keep in mind is the odds are going to change throughout the year.  The initial odds were calculated during the offseason, and many things can and do take place during the season. Right now the rosters are known because all free agents are signed and draft picks have been made, but there will be plenty of injuries and trades to track during the year.

Some teams are just too good not to be worth a look. A team like the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers will likely be the one that holds up the trophy at the end of the season.  They are both coming off a very successful season, and made moves to improve their chances of getting back on top.  They have no major injury threats, and the squad is ready to shine once again on the big stage.

The odds will change on a daily basis as teams win and lose, roster moves occur, and betting action flows from one squad to another.  You might be able to get the best odds now, or if you think your team has a tough early schedule you might want to wait and jump in once you get a better number.

You can’t do that with win total bets though.  Once the season begins everyone takes those off the board.  It’s very to bet this kind of wager.  All you are doing is predicting if the team is going to go over or under the number of wins the sportsbook has posted.

Last year’s results are a big factor.  I think the books don’t always adjust enough to changes the teams have made to improve.  They also underestimate how much the loss of a player can effect the number of victories the franchise pulls down.

Of course, you could just make some money by betting on the spreads posted each night.  You get the benefit of knowing who is playing, who is resting, how the teams have been performing lately, and any situations that are beneficial to one over the other.

Written by Andre Abrede

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