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Celebrities Who Played College Basketball

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There are quite a few celebrities who played college basketball, and this article will help the reader understand who played in their glory days. There are some surprises on the list, and you might learn something about your favorite famous person. Many people are not aware of how these people spent their younger lives, and you might start to see these people from a new perspective.

#1: Denzel Washington

It has been some time since Denzel played college basketball, and he is the probably the most well-known person who makes this list. He was not a stand out, but has said that he felt the game helped to prepare him for life. The fearless attitude that he learned while playing college basketball helped him become a better actor and person.

#2: Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is quite tall, and it is not surprising she was a basketball player dating back to her youth. She has been one of the funniest women in the world for some time, and she gets her tenacity from the basketball court where she refused to be backed dowwn at any time.

#3: Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts got her start in the media as a member of the broadcast team on CBS News in Atlanta, and she played college basketball as a part of her upbringing. She has been poised her whole career, and much of that may be attributed to how she conducted herself on the court.

#4: Sinbad

Sinbad is a tall man who has been known for his love of sports. He is one of the cleanest comedians in the world, and he has been featured on both television and in movies. He played college basketball before he became a comedian and actor, and the hard work he learned on the court helped him to become the best man he could be. He has been an example for many boys, and he has been a model on the television where his roles are about the purity of hard work.

#5: Tom Selleck

It is no surprise Tom Selleck played college basketball, and he did so at a high level because he is tall enough to compete. He is now an iconic actor with many credits to his name, and he is still a major star in Hollywood as he moves from one fine role to another. His stint as a college basketball player has shown that he is more than capable of tackling adverse situations.

#6: Bob Barker

Bob Barker may be a surprising choice for the list, but it is quite a tall man who has towered over guests on The Price Is Right for many years. He was a standout at Drury University back in 1941-43 as a freshman and sophomore.  He left his scholarship on the table after the first two years to go fight for his country in World War II.

Some fine actors and celebrities were basketball players back in their youth, and this article shows that all the people on this list have been athletes in the past. They learned something about never giving up from the people on their basketball teams, and they are giving that energy back to the public. It may have been fun to watch them play basketball, and it is more fun to see them in their roles today.

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